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RDA Stevenage Saddle -

RDA Stevenage Saddle

Introducing the Stevenage Saddle

A collaborative design by Stevenage RDA and Mulryan Saddlery. Handcrafted by Mulryan Saddlery.

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How the Saddle came about…

In October 2011 Peter Tobitt from the Stevenage & District RDA group approached Mulryan Saddlery to discuss an idea they had to design and build a bespoke Riding for Disabled Adapted Saddle to provide extra support for riders with greater disabilities. They had agreed on Mulryan Saddlery to undertake the project as we have designed and manufactured many products for UK Riding for the Disabled over the years and also as Mulryan Saddlery are an official Corporate Supporter of the Riding for the Disabled they knew that 5% of the sale of this Saddle would go back into the RDA Charity.

The finished design for the Saddle was a real collective effort by Stevenage & Districts Group’s Instructors, Volunteers, Individual riders and Mulryan Saddlery. The main key points of our design was that we needed the Saddle to be suitable for any rider and any horse and also it needed to be fully adjustable with removable items to ensure it was suitable for all disabilities, as well as being able to be used by able bodied riders. Over the next few months Shane our Saddler and the Stevenage Team headed up by Peter Tobitt collaborated together along with Sue Mack, RDA National Special Equipment Adviser to ensure the Saddle was exactly what they needed and that it was safe and acceptable for RDA activities. The completed Saddle was delivered to the Stevenage & District Group in January 2012, and in their honour the Saddle has been aptly named the “Stevenage Saddle”.

Features of the Saddle

The main features of the Stevenage Saddle are:

Suitable For Any Rider

The main benefit of this saddle is that all the parts are removable and adjustable to suit riders of different sizes and degrees of disabilities, ensuring that a centred and balanced seat can be achieved.

Can Be Fitted To Your Existing Saddle

The removable elements of the Saddle can all be fitted to an existing Saddle with only slight modifications required or to a New Saddle as required. You can send Mulryan Saddlery your Saddle and we will adjust it to suit. Click here to see Saddles!

Suitable For Any Horse

If you need it to fit a number of your horses then we will use the Bates Saddle with EASY CHANGE COMPLETE GULLET KIT which can be purchased in our online shop saddles section.

If you or your group would be interested in talking to us about the Stevenage Saddle or you would like to get a quotation you can contact us on Email: info@mulryansaddlery.co.uk or Tel: +44 (0)28 7962 7669.

Client Comments

“The saddle’s flexibility is one of its strengths. Because the attachments are very easily positioned and removed, it allows the saddle to be adjusted so that a variety of riders can be helped to ride with a centred seat” – Suzanne Brown, Group Instructor, Stevenage RDA

“The Stevenage saddle has been a huge help to me. I am now quite debilitated with muscle weakness and it’s possible i would no longer be able to ride with an ordinary saddle, but the additional padding and support structures help me with my balance and stability, and I still ride my old hunter most weeks. The bar for resting my hands is also very useful and I have no hesitation in recommending the saddle to other disabled riders” – Christine Jessen, RDA Rider

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